Bizarro Trainer Red v147 [V1.47] [No Bypass Required]


[Working as of March 2014] Extreme bypass function and a lot of work to make this possible after maplestory had a new update! We managed to create yet another bypass!


Download Bizarro Trainer V147 Here

                    Download Bizarro Trainer [V147.x Compatible] Here
-All features of previous Bizarro Trainer
- Built in CRC bypass
- Cam PG
- Icy
- Auto sell
- Auto bullet & star recharge
- Auto restart
- Auto rush back
Bizarro Trainer Virustotal Scan





Hello fellow Maplers (Hackers!)
The FMA script has been updated for the v146.1
OriginalL credits goes to @C. @Cam1596 (And gsboy)

What skills are FMA?

This is FMA for the following skills:
chain lightning(IL/ phantom)
Reflection (lumious)
Inferno breath

Press the +1 button bellow to download (Automatic start)

WZ modification and Bypassless fusion attack script for v146. We also include Bots, Trainers, Scripts, Exploits, Meso enhancers and many more hacks! You wish, we make. It’s called make-believe. Our contributers have been working hard. HydraMou – MapleStory Mouse Waypointing & AutoQuest Complete + Autosell released in the superpack

All hacks available


All hacks are now available as mediafire / instant downloads! Simply press the +1 button (Google +1) and your desired hacks should be in mediafire download links!




+1 is located bellow :)




–Update Log–


[+] GMS VIP :: Updated to 143.1.B2 [2013-03-01]
[+] Updated & Added 10 more City Teleports
[!] Fixed no breath pop up issue
[!] Improved SpawnVac 4.0

[O] Updated to 132.1
[+] Added Item/Meso Animation remove – CPU Optimize on botting maps [Default]
[+] Added Enable Disabled Buttons [Beta]
[+] Improved gnd/fullmap itemvac for safer usage on kaizer and other affected jobs.

[+] Added Speed control for GND
[!] Fixed Magnus No metero godmode
[+] Added New Feature-> 100% recharge for Angleic Buster(AB) class [Beta]
[+] Added New Feature-> No Recharge Angelic Buster 4th Job Trinity Skill [on Default]
[+] Added New Feature -> Map tele to any blocked map [bRush]
[+] Added New Feature -> Unlimited Flash Jump [on Default]
[+] Added feature/Bot -> GND Full Map + Character Item Vac [F3] Preview
[+] Added feature/Bot -> FA FMA + Character IV [F3]
[+] Added feature/Bot -> PG FMA + Character IV [F3]
[+] Added Misc -> Aircheck for AB
[!] Improved Window Mode Hook, prevent some random startup crash

[+] MSEA VIP :: Updated to 147.1.C [2013-02.15]
[O] Updated bRush data to 133
[O] Updated to 131.1
[+] Added ->Map Tele to maps thats blocked/hidden/fame &quest required (ie tot)
[+] Added ->Unlimited ND FlashJump
[+] Added ->Unlimited Buff
[+] Added GND + Unlimited MP, SFA and PG FMA with full map Char IV
[+] Added many small tweaks and hacks for patch129+
[!] Improved Autologin system

[+] Win 8 support
[+] Added new quick autocaptcha bypass
[ ] Less
- [Updated] 115.1.A | Fully working SpawnVac 3.1 | No Delay Final Att | Vami/Kami FullMap Bots | FullMap Char Item Vac [26/04/2012]
- [Updated] 129.1.B | PG-FullMap 2.1 | Bug Fixes | Extra Captcha Server Added [15/2/2012]
- [Updated] 129.4.D | Captcha bypass should work on all systems now [6/1/2012]
- [Updated] 131.4.C | Improved Captcha System | Icy Fixed [2/1/2012]
- [Update] 131.4.B | Brand New Captcha Bypass | PVP Max Dmg Hack(1hitko) [1/1/2012]
- [Patch] 112.3.A | Optimized Icy and PG recast | Updated Map rush data [26/Nov/2011]
- [Update] 111.1.b | Added Maxed Charged Skill Dmg Hack [9/Nov/2011]
- [Update] 110.2.c | Chaos Update – New PG, Icy and Vacs Revamped | SpawnBot with Spawnvac 2.5 (2.1) Added [15/feb/2013]


Trainer / Including Scripts

Hello fellow Maplers (Hackers!)
The FMA script has been updated for the v147.1
OriginalL credits goes to @C. @Cam1596 (And gsboy)

What skills are FMA?

This is FMA for the following skills:
chain lightning(IL/ phantom)
Reflection (lumious)
Inferno breath

Download :

Download Trainer :

Feel free to use it for anything you would like :)

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Justin Smoking Weed

It’s online for limited time and will obviously be offline soon, as they want the video to get removed.

Allegedly this girl is said to be uploading all her videos to her website

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Samantha Marie Fingering Video leak

Samantha Marie is 22 years old

Public Pranks


Epic Prank in Public
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Hidden camera prank

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Hello there fellow MapleSEA maplers! This is the newest release of the MapleStory iNfect Bot! We all know that it’s completely frustrating and hard to rise a level in MapleStory, therefore this simple bot will help you achieve all the levels you ever wanted! MapleStory Bot 2013 MapleSEA bot 2012 and the icy hack is in the downloads area! Vacuum Vac Vaccum Hack updated!

THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED, DOWNLOAD LINK BELLOW. Fully works as of 2013 january. We have patched this and set it up for bypass. Enjoy! <&#8211; Download Link

V2.0 Updates:
-Added SS Mousefly
-Added Morp [Not working]
-Editted SpeedHack: Now you can choose the Speed.

With your own Injector:
1.Download Bot from the link below.
2.Extract it to anywhere you want.
3.Inject and you’re done.

With Mooplestory Injextor: [Not made by The SotongzXc Team]
1.Download Bot from the link below.
2.Extract it to anywhere you want.
3.Run ‘Mooplestory Injextor.exe’ [Run as admin for Vista/7 users.]
4.Select your ‘MapleStory.exe’ directory in the 1st box.
5.Select ‘AutoBot v2.0.dll’ in the second box.
7.Game Will automatically Start and the Bot will appear.

*Use at your own Risk!
**May cause DC.

Download link here!

Updated 2013, works for the newest verisions :) Bypass is included automatically

Hello fellow hackers,

This is one of the best Global MapleStory Christmas Hacks. This has TONS of feautures, beating the ultimate Bizarro trainer.

  Download V147 compatible Savionic Compatible bellow!

- Changeable Keys
- Customizable Delays
- Auto Pot
- Auto Bot
- Four different types of Auto CC (People, Attack, Timed or Item)
- Different types of Godmode
- Common botting hacks (No KB, Anti Breath, UA, etc)
- Many different Misc. hacks
- Teleport to a custom X,Y Coordinates
- Built-in Injector
- Pointer and Offset Information (General information: HP, MP, Map ID, Char XY, etc)
- MANY different kinds of packets! USER FRIENDLY!
- Built-in Packet Sender ( Supports ** Randomization )
- Revive upon Death!
- Trainer Information form that will tell you everything you need to know!
- Mouse Click Teleport
- SSFly (Might AB!)
- Perm. Siege mode
- Fast Teleport
- Endless Flamethrower
- Some of the scripts released by m1sniper
- WH Summon Packets
- It's Raining Mines (Level Customization!)
- Teleport Loop
- Autoloot if items >= x amount
- Autoattack if mobs >= x amount
- MMC (With Adjustable X,Y Coords!)
- Instant Drop-
 Ghost DC  (Currently disabled)- Map DC
- Kill MapleStory after x time
- Item Filter
- Enable Disabled Buttons
- CS Mouse Fly
- No Mob KB
- Stop Aran Attack Movement
- Multiple Line Packet Spammer
- Hide/Show MapleStory button
- Anti Death
- Show Potential
- Show Rank
- Block Damage Godmode - MP3 IRM
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