Bizarro Trainer Updated for v163 [V.163] [No Bypass Required]


After quite a lot of work with the FUD (Undetectable) bypass function, we have managed to integrate a system which tricks Nexon’s GG(Guard) and injects manipulated code into the game, letting you play using a changeable client. Ultimately, leading up to the use of the hacks Bizzarro Trainer offers.


Download Bizarro Trainer for V163 Here (UPDATED, IGNORE IMAGE)

                    Download Bizarro Trainer [V163 Compatible] Here
-All features of previous Bizarro Trainer
– Built in CRC bypass
– Cam PG
– Icy
– Auto sell
– Auto bullet & star recharge
– Auto restart
– Auto rush back

PS: The reason why we’re running survey-downloads is due to the heavy load of work we’ve had pushed upon ourselves after several updates by Nexon’s side! We wish not to sell our work, yet we wish to somehow afford working with this and updating them so that you guys can enjoy the hacks. Why spend hours on a game to train, when you can have an automated system with loads of advantages do this for you? We live in 2015. So, to conclude, the only way to support us would be to download by completing a survey! We appreciate your time completing these surveys (couple minutes) and hope you can appreciate our effort with supplying you these hacks. I am sure it will save you a lot more time and joy by using hacks, rather than not downloading and simply playing “normally”.

Feel free to run a virus scan at for example, for any reason.






6 Responses to “Download”

  1. Pummel said

    Is there an updated version for v1.28?

  2. Pete said

    Do I have to do the survey to download the file?

    • Yes, unfortunately we have to release our hacks with survey – download – websites because we don’t have any other way currently to support us in updating theese hacks. We work every time there is an update to keep the hacks undetected and available to the public FOR FREE!

  3. leechangyoung said

    what hack can seriveable for hunt?(no d/c)

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