MapleSEA Bot [Working] 2013


Hello there fellow MapleSEA maplers! This is the newest release of the MapleStory iNfect Bot! We all know that it’s completely frustrating and hard to rise a level in MapleStory, therefore this simple bot will help you achieve all the levels you ever wanted! MapleStory Bot 2013 MapleSEA bot 2012 and the icy hack is in the downloads area! Vacuum Vac Vaccum Hack updated!

THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED, DOWNLOAD LINK BELLOW. Fully works as of 2013 january. We have patched this and set it up for bypass. Enjoy! <&#8211; Download Link

V2.0 Updates:
-Added SS Mousefly
-Added Morp [Not working]
-Editted SpeedHack: Now you can choose the Speed.

With your own Injector:
1.Download Bot from the link below.
2.Extract it to anywhere you want.
3.Inject and you’re done.

With Mooplestory Injextor: [Not made by The SotongzXc Team]
1.Download Bot from the link below.
2.Extract it to anywhere you want.
3.Run ‘Mooplestory Injextor.exe’ [Run as admin for Vista/7 users.]
4.Select your ‘MapleStory.exe’ directory in the 1st box.
5.Select ‘AutoBot v2.0.dll’ in the second box.
7.Game Will automatically Start and the Bot will appear.

*Use at your own Risk!
**May cause DC.

Download link here!

Updated 2013, works for the newest verisions :) Bypass is included automatically

14 Responses to “MapleSEA Bot [Working] 2013”

  1. DanielAfifamin said

    Not work . ERROR when I want to unzipped it .

    • If you mean the RAR, you should right click and press “Extract files”

      We have been working really hard to improve the hacks, and there should be no bugs unless you are using a non compatible system OS.

      Thank you, and enjoy! ;)

  2. DanielAfifamin said

    I already extract it but it the ERROR come out . Please tell me what programmed should I use ?

  3. no way said

    download link doesnt work
    says PHP ERROR

  4. Julz said

    mind doing a video showing how to do it…

  5. wakai said

    y cant use ???

  6. helpmeplease said

    is there an alternate mirror to download it from? like mediafire or something?

  7. freedom1134 said

    cant download help pls

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